Schmidt System Development.

Matthias Schmidt - Database and Web-Developer.

4D Silver Partner




Over 25 years I'm building databases, crossplattform for Windows and Mac, single seated and multiuser.

What we can offer:

  • Individual database solutions tailored for your needs.
  • Help with updating your system from an older versions of 4D
  • Development of 4D components
  • Connecting your database with the internet
  • Localization from English to German
  • Making your database cross-platform
  • Psychological consulting

ABM Extras Plugin 4D Plugin

The current version of the 4D Plugin can be found on the downloads page. It works until 4D v13.
A experimental build for v14/15 is available as well now.

SMTP-Component for 4D

The current version of the SMTP-Component can for 4D v12 and 13/14/15 can be found on the download page.
It comes together with a demo, which demonstrates the capabilities of the component.

the component and it's documentation was just updated on 13th of Dec.2016. An updated demo will follow soon.


Meanwhile I'm back in Germany, locaed in the south. Thus a German website will follow soon :-)

If you are looking for an experienced 4D-developer, please feel free to contact or click here to send us an e-mail.